My McAlpine branch of the family tree starts with Helen Gourlay McAlpine (1884-1966) who was married to Matthew Duncan. See DUNCAN pages. Helen Gourlay McAlpine was the daughter of David McAlpine (b. 1854) and Christina White (1862-1926. Tracking David McAlpine’s death has been difficult due to the difficulty in tracking his parents (also David McAlpine 1819-1871 and Helen Gourlay). There is no trace of a Helen Gourlay but on checking the OPRs (Old Parish Registers) it would appear that Helen Gourlay was actually Helen Gourlay WELSH. Why she would choose to go by her middle name is unknown. There are variations throughout all the records where she uses Gourlay, Gourley and Welsh intermittently. Helen McAlpine’s siblings appear to be as follows (and those have still to be checked and verified by obtaining actual certificates from Register House):- Christina, William (1889-1893), Harold or Henry – who emigrated to Australia, Kate, Anne, Mary, David.


Many thanks to Gail Duncan for providing this wonderful family photo (found in the attic). By careful deduction, we reckon it is of the McAlpine family c 1900(David McAlpine and Christina White) and their children. The girl standing to the left is Helen McAlpine (Helen McAlpine who married Matthew Duncan) with great Mary McALpine to her right. The little girl in the middle we reckon is Tina (Christina) and we think the two boys are George McAlpine (whom I have just found in the Scottish registers as he was registered with MAC instead of MC in the McAlpine name). George is the one who married Susie (Susan Stewart) – and the other boy to the right is William (the second William born in 1894 as the first William died in 1893). In total, the children born to David McAlpine and Christina White were: Mary Ann McAlpine b 1882 d 1961 Helen Gourlay McAlpine b 1884 d 1966 David McAlpine b 1886 d 1889 William McAlpine b 1888 d 1893 George McAlpine b 1893 d 1935 William Smith McAlpine b 1895 d?? – the second William Christina McAlpine b 1897 d ?? David McAlpine b1900 d1901 – the second David Henry McAlpine b 1900 d ?? (David and Henry were twins) – Henry (Harry) went to Australia Ann McAlpine b 1905 d 1930 Catherine McAlpine b 1907 d 1974 (Aunty Kate)

McAlpine family