Springside had many miners’ rows, built by the mine owners for their workers. Corsehill, Sprigside and Bankhead were constructed by J & R. Howie, Archibald Finnie & Sons and A. Kenneth & Sons. Others rows were at nearby Overtoun, also Warwickhill row, and Kirkland row (where most of this family line lived) See further details here. More information from the mining website.


Thomas LAURIE was born 1823, Monaghan, Ireland. He married Mary MULLHOLLAND on 8th Oct 1847, Kilmarnock Their children were: Robert LAWRIE born 1849 (married Catherine CUTHBERTSON, then Marion BYRON in 1871) John LAWRIE born 1851 (who married Maggie McRONALD in 1871) Thomas LAWRIE born 1855 (and it it the 1855 birth certificate that states that the family was from Monaghan, Ireland) Margaret Jane LAWRIE boorn 1857 (married James MORROW in 1875) Janet LAWRIE born 1860, 2nd November address Hurlford, Riccarton Thomas LAWRIE 1867 born, Riccarton 24th March Mary MULLHOLLAND (born 1827) died in 1870 on 21st April of phthisis pulminales aged 43. Address given was 44 Strand Street, Kilmarnock. Her parents are recorded as John MULHOLLAND (dec) and Janet MULLHOLLAND (no maiden name provided). Thomas died in 1893 in the C.C. Poorhouse, Irvine aged 70 years. His father is recorded as Robert Laurie (dec) but there is no mention of his mother. He died of senile debility. (Widower of Mary MULLHOLLAND).   It is likely that his father was THOMAS (not Robert) as there is one Thomas LOWRY married to a Sophia BOYLAND, in Monaghan, Ireland.  This has so farnot been proven through any documentary evidence.


Joseph LAURIE (coal miner) married Sarah GRAHAM in 1898, 30th December (Dreghorn). Joseph already had daughter Hannah from his first marriage to Elizabeth JONES. Joseph’s parents were Robert LAURIE (dec) coalminer and Marion BYRON (dec). Joseph’s address = Thornton Rows; Sarah GRAHAM’s address was Warwickhill Rows. Joseph LAURIE and Sarah GRAHAM had the following children: Robert LAURIE born 17th March 1899 address Douglas’ Land, Crosshouse Jeannie McBride LAURIE born 22nd January 1901 (address Warwickhill Rows) Henry Graham LAURIE born 8th April 1904 (address Warwickhill Rows) (Father Joseph recorded as a coalminer) Sarah GRAHAM was born 8th April 1877 to Henry GRAHAM (coal miner) and Jane McBride. They married 9th Dec 1873, Johnstone, Renfrew. Sarah died 14th May 1944 at 35A Russell Colt Street, Coatbridge aged 67 years of carito sicca of lumbar vertebrae. Henry GRAHAM (father dec) and Jane GRAHAM (not dec) Joseph LAURIE died in 1935 at 35A Russell Colt Street, Coatbridge aged 66 years.= of high blood pressure, convulsions. Death reported by Robert Laurie, son, 1 Annathill by Glenboig.


Joseph LAURIE married Elizabeth JONES on 10th August, 1888 in Cardonia, Indiana, USA. It is almost certain that Joseph sailed to USA (aged 19) with his Aunt Mary BYRON (servant) as she appears on the shipping list (Ship= Circassia 1887?). Joseph appears as a miner. Joseph and Elizabeth had one daughter called Hannah. After Elizabeth died on 24th Nov 1897 aged 27 years, he married Sarah GRAHAM. Elizabeth died from acute phirhisis pulmonalis; and diarrhoea. Her parents were John JONES (blacksmith journeyman, dec) and Hannah HOPKISSON. Hannah Hopkisson LAURIE was born 30th November 1894 at 62 Hamilton Palace Colliery?, Bothwell Haugh? My grandfather was Robert Laurie and he appeared on the 1901 Scottish census(aged 2) along with his half sister (Hannah aged 6) and sister Jeannie (aged 2 months). Robert’s parents were Joseph LAURIE and Sarah GRAHAM (aged 33 and 23 respectively on the 1901 census). In Ayrshire, there are many LAURIE families, but I am sure they are connected in some way. Hopefully the snippets of each will eventually join up in some way. 1901 Christina Wilson LAURIE was born to Thomas LAURIE (coalminer) and Jane WILSON (who married 3rd November 1893, Dreghorn). Address given was Kirkland Rows. 1902 – Mary Kirkland LAURIE was born to WIlliam LAURIE (coalminer) and Mary FREW (who married 2nd February 1900, Dreghorn). There appeared to be many miners’ rows (cottages) and the address given on the birth certificate was Warwickhill Rows.


1870 – 30th December – Robert LAURIE married Marion BYRON (My grandfather Robert’s grandparents). Marion BYRON had Joseph McDonald BYRON (illegitimate) before she married Robert LAURIE. Joseph McDonald BYRON was born 29th March 1868, address 33 High Street, Kilmarnock. Marion’s profession was a Bonnet Knitter. BIRTH CERTIFICATE CLIPOn the certificate, Robert is aged 22 from Dean Lane Kilmarnock. His parents were Thomas LAURIE (not dec) and Mary MULLHOLLAND (dec) Marion (aged 23) – parents were Robert BYRON ( dec) and Agnes? BARR (dec) also from Dean Lane. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE CLIPRobert Laurie and Marion BYRON’s children were Joseph (McDonald BYRON) born March 29th 1868 then assumed LAURIE surname some time before his marriage to Sarah GRAHAM. Thomas LAURIE born 9th January 1872 Gauchallard Row, Galston Marion LAURIE born 1872 1873 – Marion died aged 26 (at Maxwood cottages, Galston) 4th Dec 1873 of typhoid fever. On the death certificate, the parents names are Robert BYRON coalminer, dec and Marion BARR (not Agnes on the death certificate) Robert remarried in 1875 to Catherine CUTHBERTSON.


Most of the LAURIEs in Ayrshire/Lanarkshire are connected to each other (despite the many different spellings that appear on certificates- LAURIE/LAWRIE/LOWRIE/LOWRY:



After the death of Marion BYRON, Robert LAURIE (aged 26) married Catherine CUTHBERTSON (aged 25) on 4th June 1875 at Wallace Street, Galston. His father Thomas, was still alive, but mother (Mary MULLHOLLAND) was deceased. Their children were: Janet LAURIE born 6th May 1890 at No. 23 Kelk Place, Kilmaurs. Catherine CUTHBERTSON’s parents were WIlliam CUTHBERTSON (cotton weaver, deceased) and Susan O’BRIEN (not dec).


Margaret Jane LAWRIE born 1857, married James MORROW (born Ireland) in 1875 Their children were James MORROW born 1878 Mary MORROW born 1880


John LAWRIE married Maggie (Margaret) McRonald (b 1852) in 1871 3rd March. John was a coal miner aged 20 address 13 Moden? Close, Kilmarnock (parents Thomas LAURIE, engine keeper and Mary MULLHOLLAND dec). Margaret McRonald’s parents were John McRonnald (wool spinner) and Elizabeth SMITH. Their children were: Thomas LAWRIE born 1872 Elizabeth LAWRIE born 1874 John LAWRIE born 1878 Robert LAWRIE born 1879 Jeanie LAWRIE born 28th May 1881, No. 21 Kelk? Place, Kilmaurs


Thomas LAURIE was the son of Robert LAURIE and Marion BYRON Thomas LAURIE (coalminer aged 21) and Jeanie WILSON (domestic servant, aged 18) married 3rd November 1893 Springhill Row, Dreghorn. Thomas’ parents were Robert LAURIE and Marion BYRON both deceased. Jeanie WILSON’s parents were Ephraim Wilson and Mary Kirk? Thomas LAURIE and Jeanie WILSON had the following children: Christina Wilson Laurie born 22nd March 1901, Kirkland Rows, Dreghorn Susan LAURIE born 24th July 1905 Warwickhill Rows, Dreghorn, County of Ayr.


It would appear that Robert LAURIE’s second marriage was to Catherine CUTHBERTSON (m 1875) and their son WIlliam LAURIE married Mary FREW in 1900. (Catherine CUTHBERTSON died in 1873). William LAURIE (coal miner aged 21) and Mary FREW (domestic servant aged 22) married 2nd February 1900 (Springhill Institute, Dreghorn). William’s parents were Robert LAURIE coal miner (dec) and Catherine CUTHBERTSON (not dec). Mary’s parents were Robert Frew coal miner (dec) and Mary KIRKLAND (who married in 1867, Kirkland Rows, Parish of Dreghorn). William LAURIE and Mary FREW had the following children: Robert LAURIE born 28th June 1900 address Warwickhill Rows. Mary Kirkland LAURIE born 22nd May 1902, address Warwickhill Rows William Frew LAURIE born 3rd May 1904 address Warwickhill Rows Thomas LAURIE born 29th November 1906, Springhill Six Rows NOTES: May be connected: Daniel Crawford b: 09 Jan 1872 in Dalry, Ayr, Scotland/Dalry, Scotland d: 04 Nov 1922 in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland +Elizabeth Todd Frew b: 09 Jun 1873 in Dreghorn, Ayrshire, Scotland m: 07 Oct 1892 in Dreghorn, Ayrshire, Scotland: 30 Nov 1951 in Vancouver, British Columbia