If family folklore is to be believed, this line of the family is supposedly related to the Countess of Marr, but so far, documentary proof has not been found.  The further ERSKIN (ERSKINE) to be tracked with full provenance from OPRs (Old Parish Records) is the marriage of John ERSKINE to Elizabeth HAY in 1830.

marriage 1830

William ERSKINE (1846-1922) is the son of John ERSKIN and Elizabeth HAY. 

William (who married twice) is the reported father of Peter ERSKINE, but it is unlikely he was the biological father, given the time between Peter’s birth and the marriage of his mother (Jessie WRIGHT) to William Erskine. 

Peter was born in 1876 on the 17th March



and his mother was married to William ERSKINE on the 4th September 1877.


William ERSKINE was a widower and some of the ERSKINE children who appear on census returns living with Jessie and William are actually his children from his first marriage. There is an Elizabeth Hay ERSKINE born 1882 who was the daughter of William ERSKINE and Jessie WRIGHT. 

Our bloodline begins with William ERSKINE (1911-1983) who was the son of Peter ERSKINE(1876-1939) and Helen GILLIES(1880-1951).  Peter ERSKINE was the illegitimate son of Jessie WRIGHT(1843-1930) (born Peter Meikle WRIGHT) and later adopted the name ERSKINE when Jessie WRIGHT married William ERSKINE(1846-1922).

Not much is known about William ERSKINE (1911-1983) other than he was estranged from his Stirlingshire family.   He reportedly ran off to Bolton with a married lady and left behind his wife (whom he divorced in ) and a daughter.  Fortunately, his sister (Helen ERSKINE) kindly replied to a letter and questionnaire I sent in the 1980s: