This DUNCAN page deals primarily with the DUNCANs from Haggs and Denny (Stirlingshire) and is basically a few ramblings, sources, and insights into the families that lived at Thomaston, Haggs and Braeface, Haggs.  Another branch (George DUNCAN) emigrated to Canada in the early 1960s. 


This particular branch of the family tree is very complex, with many Duncans marrying other Duncans! The complexity arises from James DUNCAN (1822-1882) marrying twice and having fairly large families (and it is from James Duncan’s first marriage to Agnes Hannah (1823-1858) that the various branches in Canada result) My tree descends from James Duncan’s second marriage to Anne Anderson in 1858. James DUNCAN (1822-1882) was the son of James DUNCAN and Janet PATERSON who married in 1811. His siblings appear to be Anne DUNCAN born in 1814 (Campsie), Elizabeth Millar DUNCAN born 1816 (Kilsyth), Christian DUNCAN was born 1823 and finally William Paterson DUNCAN born in 1826. (Source – OPRs). James’s first marriage to Agnes Hannah will be dealt with in a separate posting! James’s second marriage (following Agnes’s death in January 1858) was to Anne Anderson. Their children were: Robert DUNCAN b. 1859 David DUNCAN b. 1861 Alexander DUNCAN b. 1864 Elizabeth Gray DUNCAN b. 1866 Janet Paterson DUNCAN b. 1869 Peter DUNCAN b. 1871 Matthew DUNCAN b. 1877 – married Helen Gourley McALPINE and they had 13 children! 


Matthew Duncan and Helen McAlpine married in 1904. This was a difficult certificate to trace as Helen was recorded as Nellie Gourley McAlpine (and not Helen). The residence is just given as ‘Haggs’, but also on the same page of certificates is the marriage of John Moir Welsh and Elizabeth Duncan (from Braeface, Haggs) – descendants from James Duncan’s first marriage to Agnes Hannah. Matthew Duncan and Helen McAlpine had 13 children and I believe the only one currently surviving is George, who is in Canada. I have a newspaper clipping of the time he left Scotland with his family (wife, twin boys and a daughter)which I must scan and upload sometime soon. (Still to confirm actual dates on my next visit to Register House, but the names of the children born to Matthew and Helen were Christina, George, Robert, Matthew, Jim, William, David, Mary, Helen, Anne, Twins and 1 other) 

Denny cemetery

In loving memory of MATTHEW DUNCAN died 16th January 1938 aged 60 years Beloved husband of HELEN McALPINE died 16th August 1966 aged 82 years