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Professional genealogy service

Documents fully transcribed

Research will be fully documented and referenced. We love cracking brick wall issues!


Proof and evidence provided for all searches undertaken

Welcome to Genealogy Gems – the place where you can make a request for a look up (births, marriages, deaths, census, trade directories, old newspapers etc).  There is no fixed fee, but donations are welcome to maintain this service:

The site is operated by a professional genealogist.  All information provided will be transcribed and full references provided.  

Do you have a brick wall to crack?:

We have experience in tackling the most difficult problems.   There’s nothing that surprises us – from ancestors who changed their name; ancestors who fled abroad after a family secret was exposed; families who placed their ancestor in an asylum and maintained that they were deceased!

Feel free to contact me, using the Qualified Genealogists Register (H Smith) or through the Contact Us form on this website.